About the show

The Mission of Vancouver Train Expo is:
"To provide a show for the public and modelers that is interesting and interactive while encouraging and displaying best practices of model railroading."
Vancouver Train Expo is an annual model railroad public show that is sponsored by the National Model Railroad Association (Canada), and organized by a volunteer committee of the 7th Division, Pacific Northwest Region NMRA. The show is traditionally held on the weekend closest to Remembrance Day in November of every year.

Mailing Address:
960 Riverside Drive
North Vancouver BC
V7H 1V5

Sponsored by the 7th Division
Pacific Northwest Region
National Model Railroad Association

For ALL inquiries, 604-980 6680.

Sponsoring Organization
The 7th division Pacific Northwest Region National Model Railroad Association (Canada) is the official sponsor of this show.

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How you can help Vancouver Train Expo

Vancouver Train Expo is dependent upon the generosity of those within the hobby, and those individuals and organizations that support the hobby to ensure the success of the show every year. Please consider assisting making Vancouver Train Expo a success by providing assistance in one of the many ways listed here.

  • Committee

    The Vancouver Train Expo committee meets approximately once per month for 3 to 5 hours and individual tasks may involve up from almost no-time until the event up to several hours per week, all year.

    Interested in the Vancouver Train Expo committee? Contact
    The Chairman

  • Core Volunteers

    Core volunteers look after specific tasks.

    If you are interested contact
    The Chairman